Oaktree Renewables is currently developing  around 120MWp of photovoltaic sites in the United Kingdom and 20 MWp of PV sites in Italy.

  • The UK is set to become the largest market for solar PV in Europe during 2014, confirming its status as the hottest market across the region. The emergence of the UK is all the more poignant when looking at installed capacity just a few years ago. At the end of 2009, installed PV in the UK was just 0.3% of that installed in Germany. Yet, just four years on and the UK is likely to overtake Germany for annual PV demand in 2014.
  • The Italian market is among the very few markets in Europe where the production of electricity from PV source is possible without support from government incentives. Once consented and built, our sites will provide a stable cash-flow with solid investment returns at a sensibly lower risk connected to incentive legislation.
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